If you are not the exercising type, it might be time to start to reconsider. You are most likely well aware of all the benefits that come with proper exercise, most of whom are health related. However, one of the easiest ways to improve memory is through physical exercise. This is because the human body functions as a unit – when one part of the body isn’t functioning properly, the whole body suffers. In this regard, it is difficult to achieve an improved memory if your body isn’t strong and fit. Where memory improvement is concerned, physical exercises are just as important as mental exercises, and the two should always go hand in hand.

Studies have shown that aerobic exercise improves memory by boosting blood flow to the brain. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the brain, resulting in increased brain metabolism. When brain metabolism is high, more neurotransmitters are produced and new synapses are formed. However, some physical exercises are much more beneficial to the brain than others.

Running is one of the best physical exercises for memory improvement. The best thing about running is that it does not require any fancy equipment or too much time. In fact, you only need to run for about 20 minutes every day to keep your mind alert and within six weeks, you’ll not only have noticed a difference in your physical condition but also in the quickness of your mind. When you are not in the mood to run, you can just take a 20 minute walk. It may not produce the same level of benefits as running but it is much better for your brain than watching 20 minutes of TV. Be sure to walk briskly as opposed to walking at a leisurely pace.

Just like you need a memory training program to perform memory exercises, you need special equipment to perform some aerobic exercises. For instance, exercises such as bicycling, cycling on a stationery bike, and running on the treadmill are all good for your memory, but they require special equipment. However, if you have a gym membership or have access to such equipment by any other means, go ahead and use them. Any aerobic exercise is good for your brain.

Many people, especially those who go to the gym, often combine aerobic exercises with lifting weights. However there isn’t any evidence yet to show that lifting weights beneficial to the memory. This, however, doesn’t mean that lifting weights isn’t beneficial for the brain. The important thing is that there’s a clear connection between physical exercise and memory improvement. Since aerobic exercises are clearly much better for the brain than anaerobic ones, if you decide not to run or walk, be sure to stay focused on aerobic exercises.