Dear reader, today I am going to teach a technique so powerful but yet so simple that it’s going to make you slap yourself in amazement! 🙂 But first, let us go back in time, a couple of decades or so until we’ve reach the good old days when you were 6 years old.

Small children process massive pieces of information withing a very short time frame, something that you could actually duplicate! You should NOT keep the information only within your thoughts -when studying a subject- but you should also say it out loud! This system is known as “private speech”, more often referred to as thinking out loud.

The beauty with the system is that it gives your memory a second option, instead of just relying on remembering your thoughts, you can now remember an actual physical voice.

This will without doubt make it easier to remember that crucial piece of information when you most likely need it! That’s all for today, stay tune for some more tips by subscribing to the blog. 😉