I’m a huge optimist, there is no question of that, but despite this one has to acknowledge that sometimes there is no point in continuing…

You have to quit.

The problem is, how can you decide when to quit and when to continue?

I personally believe that there’s two major reasons that makes people quit a study course: a) You lose interest in the subject. b) It becomes too difficult.

In case a there is no real controversy, if you don’t like it or if you feel it’s wrong for you; then just quit it! But what about our second scenario?

It’s here that things get a little difficult. Normally I would say that should keep on until you reach your goals, no matter how much effort it takes. Nevertheless there are some moments when you know you can’t continue, what do you do?

1. Seek Advice

Always seek advice from wise people who know about your affairs before you decide to quit a course. The person your asking must have a genuine interest in your well being, don’t ask someone who doesn’t really care what happens in your life. That’s why asking close relatives could be a real goldmine.

2. Write A Comparison
If you’ve done step 1, I would advice you to bring a white piece of paper and write down everything -both positive and negative- that could happen if you decide to quit. Write them down on two different columns and notice which one outweighs the other.

What do you say? Do you have any way of knowing if should continue or quit, please share by commenting!

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