It’s time again for another readers question. Today, we have the privilege to answer a certain fellow by the name of Aravind who wrote me the following question:

“Sir i generally read slowly and have a problem concentrating on my reading stuff academically and habitually provide me an inevitable suggestion to study first and grasp things with no time”

First of all Aravind, you can call me Adam and secondly…
If I’ve understood you correctly; you want to be able to read faster while retaining a high level of comprehension (i.e better “reading comprehension”). Your problem is obviously the lack of concentrating when reading and this could happen for a number of reasons, such as:

a) Something more important being on your mind
b) Physically related reasons such as not eating properly, drinking a lot etc
c) Not finding the material interesting.

I will presume that you belong to either a or b, I hope that’s fine with you. If something very important just happened in your life then it’s more or less impossible to not be carried away with it.

The best thing you can do is to deal with problem or event in question by spending enough time to this matter until it’s finished. If you believe your finished with it, then stop thinking about it!

Thoughts can’t change the past nor the future so simply try to stop thinking about this thing that bothers you so much unless you’ve still haven’t dealt with it.

The above applied to scenario a, now lets tackle scenario b. If you don’t find the study material interesting than that’s either because
1) You’ve picked the wrong course.
2) You’ve lost the motivation to keep on study.

If you are studying something that you don’t like then there is no point in continuing. If you can’t see yourself as a doctor (for example) than there is no point in pursuing that career; you are going to have to live with the profession(s) you’ve chosen for the rest of your life so you better be sure that you are O.K with it!

“But I do truly want to follow this path, I’ve simply lost the motivation!”
If this is you sir, wish I believe it is, then I recommend you to do one simple thing. I promise that it will change you into becoming a more motivated student. What is that one thing I’m talking about?…

“Find The Reasons!…”

By reasons I mean the reasons you picked the course your studying in the first place. Just think about it, if you “wanted” to be an engineer (for example) you should ask yourself “why” would I want that?

Can you see it in front of you, how your life would be following your studies. Now keep that mental picture each and every time you study.

If you find it boring than remind yourself of the reasons you chose it to begin with: “I’m gonna love that job” “I’ll be able to help children” “I’ll make a lot of good money” or what ever your motivations are. If this doesn’t make you more motivated, I don’t know what will.

Thanx for taking the time to write me a message, I really appreciate it. You are free to ask your questions by sending me an e-mail to adam (at) study-habits(dot)com or by simply commenting.
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