Not always easy to remember/memorize names and not always fun when people can’t recall your name. But despair not! There are ways to surpass this and here they are:

1. Listen Carefully

I can guarantee you that almost 99,9% of the time you can’t remember somebody’s name it’s because you didn’t listen carefully when s/he introduced them self to you.

Try to focus and be attentive before you introduce yourself, this will make you ready to absorb the name as soon as it is uttered.

2. Repeat it

My dear father always used to tell me to “memorize things when they are still wet” and by wet he implied fresh. Go for it while the information is still there in your memory, you will have the best chance to remember it then.

I am obviously not telling you to go home and keep on repeating his/her name all day long; just a quick mention as soon as you hear the name should be enough.

Likewise, you yourself should make sure that the other person heard your name properly. Say it clearly and repeat it if necessary, or as a certain British agent says:

“My name is Bond, James Bond.”

That’s all for now. If you are interested in learning advanced memory techniques, that could boost your study results dramatically you should read this. It could change your life!

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