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November 21, 2009  |  Speed Reading

Do you want to find out how many words you can read per minute (wpm)?

(1) Click on the START button.
(2) Read the text and try to grasp as much as you possible can while doing so with the maximum amount of speed.
(3) Click on the FINISH button to see your results.
(4) See the box on the right for the interpretation of your results.

Nota Bene: The text that you are about to read is a short snippet taken from the Wikipedia entry on “reading”. If you are interested in learning how to improve your reading speed, the link on the right will help you do that.

“There are several types and methods of reading, with differing rates that can be
attained for each, for different kinds of material and purposes:

Subvocalized reading
combines sight reading with internal sounding of the words as if
spoken. Advocates of speed reading claim it can be a bad habit that
slows reading and comprehension. These claims are currently backed only
by controversial, sometimes non-existent scientific research.

Speed Reading
is a collection of methods for increasing reading speed without an
unacceptable reduction in comprehension or retention. It is closely
connected to speed learning.

is a kind of reading for the purpose of detecting typographical errors. One can learn to do it rapidly, and professional proofreaders typically acquire
the ability to do so at high rates, faster for some kinds of material than for others, while they may largely suspend comprehension while doing so, except when needed to select among several possible words that a suspected typographic error allows.

Structure-Proposition-Evaluation (SPE) method, popularized by Mortimer Adler in How to
Read a Book
, mainly for non-fiction treatise, in which one reads a writing in three passes: (1) for the structure of the work, which might be represented by an outline; (2) for the logical propositions made, organized into chains of inference; and (3) for evaluation of the merits of the arguments and conclusions.

This method involves suspended judgment of the work or its arguments until they are fully understood.

Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review (SQ3R) method, often taught in public schools, which involves reading toward being able to teach what is read, and would be appropriate for instructors preparing to teach material without having to refer to notes during the lecture.

Multiple Intelligences-based methods, which draw upon the reader’s diverse ways of thinking and knowing to enrich his or her appreciation of the text. Reading is fundamentally a linguistic activity: one can basically comprehend a text without resorting to other intelligences, such as the visual (e.g., mentally “seeing” characters or events described), auditory (e.g., reading aloud or mentally “hearing” sounds described), or even the logical intelligence (e.g., considering “what if” scenarios or predicting how the text will unfold
based on context clues).

However, most readers already use several intelligences while reading, and making a habit of doing so in a more disciplined manner — i.e., constantly, or after every paragraph — can result in more vivid, memorable experience.”

About the author

ABDERISAK ADAM is an author, blog writer and a PhD candidate in the institution of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. He is also the owner and webmaster of www.study-habits.com, a website dedicated to the discussion of study techniques in the context of higher education. Adam is the author of a number of publications including 'The Study Guide PRO'. You can connect with him through Google+, Linkedin or by submitting a form.


  1. Woah….446 words per minute!

  2. That’s pretty good! 😀

  3. cool hey people

  4. You read 375 words in 0.26 minutes. Your reading speed is 1442 words per minute!

  5. You read 388 words in 0.01 minutes. Your reading speed is 38800 words per minute!

  6. Cheater 😛

  7. i won’t pretend i only got 286 words per minute (bummer)

  8. 577 WPM Hoorah

  9. wow I suck, 111 words per minute. I need to do something about this 🙁

  10. Remember, you read a little slower off the screen than off paper. Also, it’s not about how fast you read but how much information you retain. 🙂

  11. The blue lightbulb from the kmart commercials

    218 wpm… amd im only 14

  12. Nice, keep it up! 😀

  13. You read 388 words in 0.93 minutes. Your reading speed is 417 words per minute!

    Woot! I’m 13 🙂

  14. lol i’n 14 and i got 377 wpm.

  15. I got 374… Im younger than 10

  16. It says I just read at a rate of 1974 words per minute. I know I’m a fast reader, but I don’t think I read quite that fast.

  17. wow, i thought i could read faster… only 373 words in 1.15 min! wow

  18. You read 375 words in 1.38 minutes. Your reading speed is 272 words per minute!

    But I can’t recall any of it!! Any tips?

  19. You read 374 words in 0.06 minutes. Your reading speed is 6233 words per minute!

  20. I read “You read 374 words in 1.74 minutes. Your reading speed is 215 words per minute!” Which I would like to be faster, but I do know what I read. I’m sure I could pass a quiz over the topic.

  21. 179 🙁

  22. With practice comes perfection.

  23. “You read 374 words in 1.03 minutes.”
    How does it come to this conclusion? I can understand the timer bit, but how does it figure the word count?
    Still and all, 363 wpm isn’t bad for non-peak hours of attentiveness.

  24. “You read 388 words in 1.14 minutes. Your reading speed is 340 words per minute!”…is that considered fast? I wonder how other poeple average in this test…^_^

  25. There used to be a little box somewhere on this page which listed different speeds on what they meant. I’m gonna have to post that up again! 😀
    Remember, you want to improve your reading speed and (more importantly) YOUR OWN reading comprehension. Just to put things in perspective 😉

  26. Divide the number of words (which I’ve cleverly already calculated :D) with the time, giving you words/minute.

  27. I have read speed reading guides in other websites but its pretty typical, you just have to be concentrated in what you’re reading and be interested in it, try not to let your mind wander away like me 😛 (288 words per minute)

  28. Hehe, great advice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  29. 318 per minute

  30. Three hundred and fifty-four WPM. OK.

  31. i read 388 word in .89 seconds which is 436 wpm…i guess thats not too bad after 5 beers in 2 hours which is 2.5 bph…lol, i wonder how i would do when im not buzzed. there should also be a section on this site which rates your score (drunk, poor, average, above average, excellent, genious) and maybe a comprehension test to see how much of what u read u actually retained. And also what kind of category that puts u in e.g. (450 wpm with an 87% retension rate means this, or that)…just a few suggestions. if anyone here has a link to a site that has something like that could u post it? or email me at Vvalle@gmail.com…any help would be greatly appreciated, improving my speed reading has been something ive been interested in doing for a long time

  32. I managed to get through the text ok, but have I actually understood what I have read NO NO !!! Help.
    I start uni in Sept and I know I will have to read a lot. I have two children, so I know my study time will be very little. So I need to learn how to read faster and understand what I am actually reading.

  33. how much is cosidered fast and how much will be considered slow reader?

  34. Hello,

    It’s a good thing you start preparing yourself now, that’s a good sign. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of time left until september and if you can handle two kids, university studies shouldn’t be much at all! Try reading everyday, pushing yourself to read a little more each week without it becoming burdesome. The secret lies in persistence, keep it up and you’ll start reading faster in now time. Also check out blogs posts on speed reading and this article on how to read faster.

  35. hah, 636. How good is that?

  36. ‘You read 375 words in 0.31 minutes. Your reading speed is 1210 words per minute!’ (hum… I guess this is okay? :I )

    I only recall about 3/4 of it… hahaha, I can’t remember the second paragraph of ‘Proofreading’ or any of the ‘Survey-Reading… blah blah blah’

    Does anyone know what the average for a teenager, 13-17, is? Reading speed along with comprehension, not just the speed.

  37. You read 375 words in 2.68 minutes. Your reading speed is 140 words per minute!

    not bad considering english is my 4th language…

  38. 😀 Nice going!

  39. Why in the world did I just get an email saying “hello, Mr. V”?

  40. Sorry Amanda. My bad it seems…

    Our comment application seems to be working a little weird so you may have received an email by mistake. I’m sorry for the incovencience, I’ve decided to disable it until further notice.

  41. So it’s just a broad average. Okay, that makes sense. Except that I know I skipped words; it’s just how I read. Saves a lot of time. So the actual average wpm is lower (probably on the order of 290-320), since I read fewer words than are actually written in the sample.

  42. 517 words per minute. Ahaha not terrible 😛

  43. I know I read slow. I got 165 per minute.

  44. whoa, 13 yrs old, 887!!!

  45. “Your reading speed is 237 words per minute!”

    – bad for me. i’m 15 years old.T.T

  46. You read 375 words in 0.1 minutes. Your reading speed is 3750 words per minute!

  47. LOL:

    You read 388 words in 0 minutes. Your reading speed is Infinity words per minute!

    Of course it isn’t true, I just wanted to see how fast I could click “Start” and “Finish” 🙂


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