“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Education takes time and nobody likes to wait, especially when this “waiting” can go on for several years.

This leads us to the question; how do you make the time go faster? Get use to having a study habit, that way studying becomes an integrated part of your life…
Here are 3 pointers that might help you out on your journey:

1. Learn How To Set Up Personal Goals

It’s all in the title… I actually wrote about this subject once upon a time and frankly; I am too lazy to rewrite it. Just go and read the bloody article: How to set personal goals

2. Have Positive Thoughts
Imagine how it will feel when you’ve passed all your exams and received your diploma, sounds like a great feeling, does it not? Always focus on the bright side and don’t become a prisoner to anxieties.

3. Stay Motivated By Finding People Who Motivate

*Cough* This blog is a good place to start *Cough*. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a human being, sometimes a nice technological gadget can do the trick (I am way too geeky…). By the way, I am finished with all of my exams and this means that I have a lot of time left to do something I enjoy, and that is: Blogging!

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