Where’s the best place to study, the best possible study room? There’s – in my opinion – not a simple and straightforward answer to that question. What we can say though, is that that the best study room is the place that a) satisfies the basic conditions and b) goes beyond this

So what do we mean by all of this?

Well, no matter if you prefer to study in your home, at campus or the library. There are a couple of criteria (or conditions) that have to be fulfilled before that room can be described as a good study location. Among these we find:

Basic conditions

a) A place where you can concentrate and not be disturbed.
This immediately excludes studying in front of the computer or the TV, it’s simply not possible to study while watching a show or casually browsing around the web. Studying time is studying time; you don’t want to divert your attention to something else. If something more important comes up, you deal with it and then go back to studying; you don’t try to do them both at the same time!

There’s an obvious exception for the one who uses the computer as a means to study, i.e. you use it to look up definitions and information about your particular subject.

b) Proper indoor quality
Obviously, you can’t study in a room that stinks or is extremely dirty. Nor in a room that’s uncomfortable to be in due to abnormal temperature or humidity differences.

Going beyond the basics

I have to be honest with you for a moment. I personally love to stroll around campus just searching for the “perfect room”. I’ve searched for years and still haven’t found the one best place to study. Perhaps I’m too picky, perhaps there’s no “one room”. Either way, don’t get fixated on finding the perfect room. Instead try studying in a number of different places and then pick the one that you felt was the best.

So what criteria should you look at?

There are A LOT of different things that make one location better than the other, for instance, it’s proximity to your home, proximity to a cafeteria or vending machine (hey, you gotta have your sweets! :)). If there are any toilets nearby, if it’s easily accessible (some study rooms must be booked), how large it is, if there are any computers in the room, if it contains a blackboard or a whiteboard and so forth…

When you do stumble upon that “perfect room”, be sure to stick with it and don’t change around. Also, be sure to make that location YOUR study room, it’s the place dedicated to studies, kind of like your own office.