Study Smarter - Not Harder

Study Smarter – Not Harder

February 11, 2011  |  Educational Theory, General Tips

Study Smarter – Not Harder

You’ve probably heard this phrase on numerous occasion. A worn out cliche, we ought to study smarter and not harder. But what does this exactly mean? This post will attempt to answer that question.

1 Effectiveness

You could say that the phrase study smarter is similar to the phrase study efficiently. The more effective you are in studying, more get’s done and less time is wasted. Before you can go about changing this and becoming a more efficient student you need to be aware of your current effectiveness. This has to be measured before we can improve it, the reason is fairly obvious. IF you do not know where you stand, how will you know how far you’ve went?

A simple of doing this would be to measure a typical study week. You could measure how much things you’ve got down, how many problems you’ve solved or how many pages you’ve read and then combine those and similar figures into averages. Then do this every week. The result will be a chart or a graph that shows you how effective you are and whether or not you’ve improved over time or not.

2 Find what works best – then do just that!

Economists have a term they’ve dubbed ROI or Return of Investment to measure how much value an investment yields compared to invested capital. You need to have a similar mindset towards your studies. What particular method of studying has harnessed the greatest results in your case when you compare it to the energy you’ve put in? For instance, if you were to read about a subject or discuss a subject for 1 hour, which one would yield the most results? You need to measure these things now, otherwise you might be wasting time that could have been spent doing other things.

That’s all for today folks, don’t forget to take a look at our very own guide for studying. Until next time, have a pleasant day!

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