Howdy! For those of you who missed my bad sophisticated excuse for not posting for a long while, you might want to check out the previous post… Having that said, let us dive into this subject with no further due.
Have you ever purchased a study guide that promises to teach all these great and amazing “study secrets” that no one has ever heard of? In most cases, this type of hype does not carry any real content or any fulfillment to the many promises that has been made. Except for this study guide of course (it is written by me after all :mrgreen:). Hence, It will be my duty today to try to guide you on how to find out the real study techniques that lead to success in your studies.

First of all, let me start out by this simple premise:

Studying is a matter of hard work and patience, period. I can almost see how your face turned blue; “WHAT!” No secrets? Take it easy dude… I didn’t say there were no secrets, there do exist study secrets but even these demand attention and motivation.

You must have patience when taking the shortcut as well, hence the saying: “Patience might be sour but its result is sweet”. Although there are no (or very few) real study secrets, there do exist certain study techniques that will make your studying a whole lot easier and even more effective. As you yourself might know, there are numerous ways of studying and I can’t compel you to choice a certain way that doesn’t fit you, hence I strongly urge you to do the following:

No matter how you learn the best (by visual experience, kinetic etc) make sure that you do not change horses in midstream concerning the way you learn, ie do not flip flop between different learning approaches. This will inevitable confuse you and may even worsen your study results in the long run.

Remember that studying a small amount of information each day on a long time period is several times better than studying an immense amount of information over a short time frame. Contingency is a vital component in your studies, never forget that!

This post was not written in order to spell out all the thousands of different study techniques lying under the sun, but in the hope of making you realize that you can systematize the way you study and that this change can make a difference.

Therefore, I urge you once again to sit down and reflect for a moment; how do you learn the best? Be sure to write down your answers and review them with your self and see if you can make any general conclusions, you might be stunned to see that you might have had a bad approach for too long.