Multiple Source Studying (citations/cite multiple sources) could be a demanding activity, but only for the one who is unexperienced. This is how you do it:

                         1. Brainstorming

Begin by skimming through the different books/journals you need for your assignment. I would recommend you to not highlight anything yet (unless you really have to). The goal is to collect as many different thoughts as possible.

2. Mindmapping

OK, so now you should have tons of unorganized thought just fluctuating in your brain, now what? Time for some good old mindmapping, this will help you to get a good overview of what you have to deal with. 🙂

3. Evaluating

Go back to the actual textbooks and start evaluating the information present. Are there any contradictions between the writers, if yes, how can you reconcile between them (or is that even impossible?…). Ask questions and try to answer these questions rationally. Don’t forget to actual read the context a few times, what seem to be a contradiction could often be something else, always study the context!

Now you are pretty much finished, you need to start reviewing the material over and over again. Click here to get notified of future updates 🙂