Questions are underrated these days, IMO. A good “why” can be the factor that makes it or breaks it! For some reason, a lot of students feel declined towards raising their hand and just asking the professor, if they are in doubt.

How many times have you not received some vitally important piece of information through a question? The first and foremost advice is:
Always make your question relevant and never ask about something that has already been covered, you can do this later. Asking sophisticated questions in order to be rendered as sophisticated is just lame. A question is asked due to the need of an answer and not in order to show off.

Finally, I heard a dean once say:

“A Question ends with a Question mark”

I hate it when people make a long winded comment under the disguise of a question. This is often seen on debates or at public speakings, if you have a question, make sure it ends with a question mark!

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