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Mathematics is the language of science. Grasping mathematics can often be helpful in a long range of different fields. This is why its important to find the best math tutors. This section provides free math help in the form of guides, video lectures and software.

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Math Videos


Mathematics can be quite difficult. If you’re having trouble with something you may want to check out these video tutorials.
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Math Review


A large collection of guides, handouts and various review sheets on different math related subjects.
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Old Math Exams


If you’re looking for old math exams, look no further! We’ve compiled a whole archive of exams on different math subjects.
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Free Math Software


Looking for a way to solve a problem? This page contains links to free mathematical software, updated on a regular basis.
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How To Learn Math

A famous mathematician by the name of John von Neumann once said;

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is“. Math is simple!

All you need to do is learn the rules and apply them where appropriate. Think of mathematics like you think of language, you need to know the grammar of mathematics, it’s syntax and how to form sentences with math, what the different letters means and so forth. Once you’ve grasped these basic fundamentals, you’ll know how to speak the language. Some are more fluent in math just like others are more fluent in English. If you want to achieve fluency, you need to practice. Never wait until the last week to study mathematics, this may work with some subjects (not recommended by the way) it will NOT work with math. If you loose track of something you learned earlier you won’t be able to keep up later so always stay on track!

1. Learn the rules
We’ve collected a number of free math videos on our math videos page. Be sure to take a look and don’t forget to send us any feedback or requests that you may have.

2. Practice
Once you’ve watched the videos AND skimmed through your textbook it’s time to practice. Try to do as many different problems as you can, the more the merrier.

3. Study old exams
Even though we’re not merely studying to pass the exam, the examination part is important. Try to get a hold of some old exams, either ask the teacher or ask some of the senior students if they’ve kept their old exams. If you’d like you may also take a look at out own math exams archive.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Math can be perceived as tough, no doubt about that. Don’t be afraid to ask if you do not know. There are lots of skilled and qualified math instructors who offer professional math assistance.

5. Keep your gaze at the future!
You are most likely learning mathematics for an intended purpose. This purpose may revolve around getting a deeper understanding of a particular topic or perhaps the pursuit of a specific degree. Either way, it is important that you keep in mind what doors can be opened once you’ve learned this useful science.

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