What is the best way to study? Great question, this article will attempt to answer this question. If you are looking for a truly detailed answer to this question, please download your copy of the Study Guide PRO and get started immediately on the road to better studies. It contains lots of study techniques and tips on how to study effectively.

OK. That being said. Where do we begin?

1. Everyone is different

You are different, just like everybody else. 🙂
It is therefore important that you understand that what might work for me doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. Don’t limit yourself to finding one method of studying. You might learn a few tricks and gain a few tips from different ways of studying. However, it is important that you try to be consistent and not change your studying habits all the time.

Consistency is key. Recall, even if you are only studying 1-2 hours per day that can be very effective in the long run. Always keep your gaze to the end goal of your studies and don’t get to fixated on a particular course, no matter how difficult it seems to be. It’s not important that you get the upper hand in every battle, it’s the war you want to win.

2. Be organized

Always be organized in your studies, no one enjoys looking around for a sheet of paper for hours upon end. Start out by systematizing the way you study. Purchase or download a daily calendar, schedule or something similar. Put all your important files and documents in their appropriate folder. If you know that you are somewhat unorganized the few minutes you put in on organization right now saves you a lot of time later on. As you probably know from experience, this is usually the case.

3. Find your sweet spot

Where do you study the best? Do you learn more by reading, listening or by talking? Don’t assume things without first testing them out. Perhaps you actually learn more by recording your words and then listening to them, perhaps not. These and similar questions are the ones that you need to answer. Once you’ve determined how you learn the best you can focus on studying instead of worrying about how to study.

4. Do it NOW!

There’s no time for waiting. I can’t stress this enough. No excuse. No more procrastination. Drag yourself up from the bed and sit down and study. Never put up important assignments to the future or at least not without a good cause. Procrastination is one of your fiercest enemies. Don’t give in and don’t forget about what you want to achieve with your studies. A clearly defined goal helps you along the way.

5. Look back and evaluate

Learn from your past mistakes. What did you do wrong in the past that you can avoid in the future? Always evaluate your study techniques in order to know which methods are effective and which are ineffective. The difference can be seen once you look back and evaluate the entire effort.