So many people are finding advice on line on how to improve memory, but they don’t go any further and put that advice into practice. Improving your memory is easy, provided that you know the basics. Even if you think you have no time or energy for memory improvement, following these simple tips could help.

It’s true that a general tendency towards laziness prevents many from pursuing their dream of achieving ultimate memory skills. If you’re one of those people who would rather play than work then you need to look at memory improvement in a different way. If brain exercises seem to consume your precious time and you think it’s a waste of time, then doing other forms of activities like short reading should be a top priority instead.

First, eat wisely for maximum brain health. What you consume today can make or break you in terms of mental capacity, as every food item spells either nourishment or disaster. What you decide to eat now says a lot about your dedication to memory improvement, and if you are bent on improving your memory skills, then it is only wise to start eating healthy. This practice is definitely a habit strongly suggested by doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.

A well-balanced diet that includes green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts is considered the most effective. There should be moderate protein, calcium and fat content in your daily diet. The recommended eight glasses of water per day intake is advised as well. A daily intake of important and essential vitamins is recommended. There are so called “memory vitamins” that are considered effective for memory enhancement. This list includes Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as Folic Acid. Berries such as grapes and blueberries are considered vital sources of antioxidants that help you improve your memory as well.

Second, rely on sleep as a memory enhancer. Yes, if you are too lazy to do anything such as reading, then perhaps sleeping will come easily to you! Sleep, as we all know, is considered essential in memory enhancement. Sleep revitalizes your senses and helps you get prepared for any further exercises.

Sleep insufficiency may lead to difficulty when it comes to remembering important dates or details. If you are tired the day before and you lack proper rest, you will not have the energy or enthusiasm to be productive the next day. You will be feeling tired and your brain will not function as intended.

Third, if fun has to be part of any effort you make, then look for a memory improvement software package that includes games that both entertain and train your brain. If you’re having fun, you won’t even notice that you’re working hard at improving your memory, but you’ll definitely notice the benefits of a well-honed brain in the rest of your life.