A feeling of aversion. That’s what I feel when I hear people claim that you could only learn in one specific way, in their way or else your studies could all be in vain!

This mentality is completely wrong and is refuted by a number of solid facts;

1. You are unique

Yes, you are special and unique and that goes for the way you learn as well. Some students have to study in a completely silent area while others tend to feel restrained by such silence.

You have to learn the way you learn and then stick to that. Try different techniques to finally find what fits you best. For instance, if you like to review your notes precisely after a lecture has ended, then do that. There is no reason to follow the crowd if you feel you study in a different way than they do.

2. Your learning style matters

Learning styles are defined as different approaches of learning. These are usually categorized into three groups:

Visual learners: Do you prefer sitting at the front of the classroom in order to avoid visual obstacles? (i.e people heads). Then you might be a visual learner. They learn best by watching pictures, diagrams, illustrated text books, overhead transparencies, flip charts etc

Auditory learners: These people get very little out of reading a textbook unless it’s read out loud. They incline towards discussions/debates and they love to listen to what others have to say.

Kinesthetic learners: A kinesthetic learner is one who learns by touching and grabbing objects around him. They tend to have it very difficult to sit down, instead they move around a lot when digesting information.

That’s it for today! Next time someone tries to intrigue you to learn by applying their method you know what to tell them.