In the recent interview tips post we discussed how to conduct a successful and proper interview, today we’re gonna discuss the same thing but the other side around.

That is to say, from the perspective of the one who’s being interviewed. Or as Homer Simpson would of put it: “The hunter has become the hunter” (Click here to subscribe to this blog)

Why is this important?

You may have never thought about it but many important events in a students life took place during an interview. This is a brief list of interviews you may face some day (or already experienced):

College/University Interview
Teacher/Professor Interview
Judge’s Interview
Job Interview
Counselor Interview

And the list goes on…

Ready to find out how you can tackle these interviews? Well, I’m gonna give it to you anyway.

1. Bring out the professional you

Yes, I am telling you to change the way you are but not by pretending to be someone else but by bringing out the professional you inside you! If you are not in common with the professional you I suggest you might want to train in front of the mirror. Spend time learning how to be articulate, show some “savvyness” without sounding or being arrogant.

2. Learn the basics of holding a speech

Going through an interview has many similarities with holding a speech, why not take a quick look a small article on this awhile ago entitled 10 tips on speeches.

3. The start and the end

Just like a book, movie or a speech the initiate state and the final state are the most important. Why? Because we as humans tend to have clear and vivid pictures of the last thing someone said or what impression that person gave me from the start, hence you should be very tactful on how you end your interview. Remember to thank the person and be genuine, nobody likes a “plagiarist”. (Click here to subscribe to this blog)

Do you guys have any suggestions or perhaps any horror stories on really bad interviews?