Tutor Finder – How To Find Tutors

Don’t be afraid to ask when you do not know, we all need help every now and then. There are many myths about tutoring and hiring tutors which is why I think it is important to clear the myths and tell it like it is. This post will attempt to do just that, a starting point towards finding yourself a tutor.

Should I get a tutor?

How do you know if you need to find a tutor for yourself or for someone else? Well, it depends. There are number of different factors that we need to consider, mainly:

  • What will happen if you do not hire a tutor?
  • How effective is tutoring?
  • What are the costs of tutoring?
  • These questions are essential and should be dealt with prior to hiring any tutor. You need to first establish the need for tutorship, then measure its effectiveness and finally make a rather crude estimation on how much all of this will cost you. Plan and ahead so you don’t fall on your head.

    What will happen if you don’t hire a tutor?

    You can’t tell for sure of course but you can get an idea of how much you’re in need of it. If you’re close to flunking a course and you have no clue on how to tackle the matter at hand it maybe that finding a tutor is critical. In this case it’s very important that you keep your options open and perhaps consider full time tutoring as a necessary option as opposed to a voluntary one.

    However it may not be the case that you’re at the verge of failing but nevertheless feel inclined towards getting a tutor. In this case you need to establish how effective tutoring will be and whether or not it is worth your time and money. In the previous case this wasn’t much of an issue since you saw few other options. This brings us to our second point.

    How effective is tutoring?

    The effectiveness of tutoring depends not only on the tutor but also on the one being tutored. It may be that you prefer to learn in a environment where you are not the only one being thought such as inside a normal classroom or as many others you flourish once you get a one on one session with an experienced tutor. Make sure you establish what type of learner you are before you make any decisions. As for the tutor, some people are simply better teachers than others and so you will benefit more if you join their classes as opposed to someone else’s.

    Always evaluate a tutor before you decide to hire that person. Is the tutor effective, can they show you any tangible results in respect to the students they’ve tutored? If not perhaps you should move on to someone else. Also, you can ask the students they’ve tutored previously or those who are currently being tutored whether or not they would recommend that person. There are lots of tutoring services to help you out with this search but make sure you look around before you make your final decision.

    What are the costs of tutoring?

    It obviously depends on
    a) The tutor b) The number of hours you wish to be tutored
    As stated previously, make sure you know all the options that are available. The bigger the sample, the greater the likelihood that you will find a tutor who is not only good but also cost effective. As for the number of hours, this depends on how much help you need.

    If you truly want your tutoring sessions to be as effective as possible you need to prepare before you meet up. Make sure you are already well versed with all the terminology, definitions and what not. You do NOT want to spend half your time having the tutor explain to you things you could have understood yourself. This is a common mistake!

    Finally, don’t go all in without first feeling the water with your feet. Try it for a week or two and see if it works out. Once you feel comfortable studying with this tutor you can decide on proceeding to more regular meetings, for instance 1-5 times a week (or more depending on your situation). In conclusion, to find a tutor you need to see all the options, make sure your desired tutor is up for the job and then evaluate their performance before you go all in.