I admit, people working in Hollywood are not famous for writing literature (I wonder if they even know what a book is?) but they do know one or two things about generating excitement. The majority of Hollywood movies tend to follow this type of structure:

Beginning of movie: Things happen, people die, a story reveals it self. In short, people get excited.

Middle: The same basic crap they always show, some guy gets in to trouble then manages to get out of the trouble and then…

The End: Just like in the beginning. Everybody gets excited and decide that this movie was the best they’ve ever seen.
Why do you think most movies follow this pattern? Because the scriptwriters know that an average viewer is not going to remember the whole movie but they will remember the beginning and the end. What can this teach you about writing?

Well, for one thing, always try to generate excitement in the beginning and in the end, make promises and fulfill these promises. Remember that most of your content could be crap as long as the end and the beginning is really good. 🙂

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