Looking for a guide on what things to bring with you to college? Well, look no further! In this post we go through some essential items that you need to bring with you on your way to college.

College can be a fruitful experience, learning new things and meeting interesting people. It is however important to plan ahead so you don’t forget to bring with you the very things you need to optimize your college experience.

Essentials Things

These are some essential things that you need to bring with you to college. Make sure you have these available, packed and ready!

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  1. Sentimental

    Do you have items that mean something special to you that you need to have around? Well, make sure you don’t leave these behind. I for one do not like to travel without my age old laptop, old school vest and favorite par of clothes.

  2. Clothes

    Yes, you will need clothes. 😀

  3. Something For The Trip

    If you are traveling a larger distance it may be wise to bring something to facilitate this trip. You might want to bring some refreshments, snacks and maybe some books or other writings to bring a long on the trip.

  4. Cell Phone

    Amazing how this little gadget as gone from being a gadget for top notch businessmen to become an essential tool for most individuals. What’s perhaps more important the actual phone is the contact details that are saved on that phone. Make sure you have it on you before you leave.

  5. Books

    Got some important books that you need to keep around? Be sure to pack them as well. Believe me, it’s very frustrating when you’re away and suddenly realize the book you wanted to read so bad was left back home. It hurts.

  6. Things Mentioned By Your College

    Read the acceptance letter carefully. Are there things that you need to bring with you mentioned in that letter? Don’t take any chances, read it through once more and make sure you have everything you need. If deemed necessary, you can even ask friends who you know at that particular college for some advice on what things to bring that are perhaps not available at that location.

  7. Important Documents

    Make sure you have all your important documents including identification papers and documents containing starting dates available at all times.

  8. Plastic Utensils

    You will be thankful later on, trust me! Plastic utensils are amazing, no need for stress concerning washing the dishes (nor any potential arguments with possible roommates). Use them and then throw them away! 😀

  9. A Study Guide

    A comprehensive guide on study techniques can be very useful for the new student. There are lots of them out there, take a look at our very own Study Guide PRO.


If needed…

In this category you’ll find some items that could be necessary and might be needed in the future. Not as high as a priority as the first category but important nonetheless.

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  1. Lock Box

    Because privacy is important. You may want to lock in somethings that you deem valuable, no need to hid things under the mattress when you have a lock.

  2. Usual School Supplies

    Note pads, paper, pencils, markers and such are the usual suspects in any educational environment. Albeit, these could be bought at campus, it might be a wise idea to bring them along the read and thus save time and energy.

  3. Laundry Bag

    You clothes will get dirty and a nice laundry bag can sure be a help.

  4. Two Set of Towels

    Bring two pair of towels so can still use one when the other one is dirty.

  5. Socks

    So small in size, so easy to forget.

  6. Clothes

    Yes, you will need clothes. 😀


Other Useful Things

Under this heading we find some other useful things that you might want to bring with you to college. Might not be that important but who knows, could be useful along the the way.

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  1. Computer

    You thought this was more important, didn’t you? To be honest, having a computer at home might not be as helpful as you think. Computers are usually present all over campus, in computer labs and at the libraries. You could technically have all of your computer needs fulfilled without ever owning a computer at home. Make sure you examine what you do on the computer, will it have a negative effect on your studies and/or life? Gotta make sure before you bring it along.

  2. Fan(s)

    It can get hot (especially if your studying in a warm & humid area), a nice fan is something everyone would wish they had but only few actually do have. Be amongst the few.

  3. Ear Plugs

    It sure can get noisy out there, be prepared and get yourself a pair of ear plugs.

  4. Air freshers

    Because it can get smelly.