Remember my previous entry on 2 equaling 1? Well some people felt there was to much math so I decided to give you an easier one to understand (and cooler also) although it might not be easier to solve.
Your job is to find out what happened to the missing dollar, the story goes something like this:

Three old ladies went to a restaurant and ordered some food for 30$. They decided to split the money by paying 10$ each. The waiter took the money and was later told by the cashier that the food costs 25 bucks and not 30$ so he gave him 5$ dollars to give to the ladies. Now the waiter realized he could not divide the 5 bucks equal between the ladies so he decided to take 2$ him self and give them 1 dollar each (that equals 5 bucks).

So now each lady has payed 10 dollars gotten 1 dollar back, this means each lady payed 9$. 9 * 3 = 27 and the waiter took 2 dollars him self. 27 + 2 = 29

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SPOILER WARNING: Do not read the comments unless you want to hear the answer, congrats to Justin 🙂