Why Studying The Day Before Is Bad…

September 19, 2007  |  General Tips

We’ve all heard it being said over and over again. Studying the night before the exam is bad! Never ever do it! But have ever pondered why it’s so bad as it’s often said. Well, here today, I am going to show you the major reason for it’s suckiness (is that a word, eh who cares…)

There are number of different reasons why starting to study the night before the exam stinks, such as:

“You wont remember squat!”
I couldn’t have said it any more simpler. It doesn’t work, no matter how good you can absorb information, it simply doesn’t work! A recent study by Jeffrey Ellenbogen of Harvard Medical showed that students who were given rest the night before could recall 76 percent of the test material while those who had gone without shut-eye only remembered 32 percent.

Statistics are very powerful and convincing.

“Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of people know that.”
H. J. Simpson

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  1. That’s not completely true. The point is that there IS a key to learn in one day; I think memorizing one night before is more difficult, but not impossible at all!

  2. HAH! Told ya! 69% correct, 4th best grade, and I memorized an equivalent to 7 pages of information.

  3. While I do not believe that cramming the night before is as bad as you say, I also think it best to just study bits at a time some days before the test.

  4. This was interesting. I’ll follow your suggestions.

  5. I think you just need a good night rest the night before.

  6. yeah,so your mind will be well rested..

  7. tired minds recalls less,
    well studying a week before or 2days before exams will help?

  8. It will in most cases help, the problem is that it usually doesn’t help a lot.

  9. this is so dumb, the statistic compares people who slept vs people who didn’t get sleep. it has nothing to do with studying
    studying any time is good, especially the night before and then again the hour before

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