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Essay Topics & Examples - Study Habits

Looking for some examples on essay topics? We’ve collected numerous essay examples on a wide range of different topics. These are meant to serve merely as food for thought and hopefully as a form of inspiration. The essays are divided into the following types:

Types of Essays

a) Argumentative essays (persuasive)
b) Contrast & Comparative essays
c) Cause & Effect essays
d) Informative essays

Feel free to take a look at the examples below. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions for essays, you should always follow the guidelines prescribed by your teacher. We plan to add some more examples in the future so stay tuned!

Essay Examples

ArgumentativeContrast & ComparativeCause & EffectInformative
Why we should save the rain forestConsequences of rain forest depletionHow the rain forest alleviates global warmingWhat you need to know about the rain forest
Is sushi good for your health?The pros and cons of sushiConnection between sushi consumption and health benefitsThe origins of sushi
Why string theory fails as a theoryHow string theory differs from quantum theoryAre the laws of the universe generated by one dimensional strings?Brief history of string theory
Being cool isn't really coolComparison between different cultures views on coolnessThe striking correlation between perceived coolness and study resultsUnderstanding the implications of being cool
We need a bicycle revolutionBicycle vs Car from the environment's perspectiveHow biking to work reduces pollutionMusings of a bicycle loving individual
The revolutionary method of multitaskingHow handling one task at a time is better than multitaskingMultitasking leads to a decline in efficiencyWhat is multitasking?

What to do now?

By now you should have a basic idea of the different types of essays. Don’t just copy one of the examples above, instead try to use them as a form of inspiration. We’ll try to update the list as often as possible, remember you can always send in your suggestions by commenting below (or sending us a message through the contact page).

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