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How To Write an Essay - Study Habits

Writing an essay can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ll explore the how to write an essay, starting from the initial state of brainstorming an idea to the actual writing of the essay and finally concluding with some end notes to consider.

1. What to write about

If you’re allowed some leniency in terms of what to write about you should spend a bit of time thinking of what topic to pick. Keep in mind that in the beginning you shouldn’t exclude any viable idea. This holds true unless you’re already certain on what you want to write about. If you’re however uncertain on what to write about, you should try to collect as many ideas as possible until you have enough ideas to fill the room. Only then can you start the separation process and distinguish between the different options.

We’ve collected a few different examples on essay topics under the following page: Essay Examples & Topics. Be sure to take a look at that page and see if anything comes to you. A good way to begin a brain storming session is by first taking a long walk, let your thoughts flow around a little, then sit down and start sketching out the different ideas. I’d recommend you to use a mind map for this purpose. You can click here to find out more about mind mapping.

2. The format
The format of your essay as well as the details pertaining to its composition can usually be found in the notes that your teacher handed out along with the assignment. Read through these CAREFULLY. Unfortunately, it’s far too common for students to make mistakes that could of easily been avoided had they read the actual guidelines.

By reading through it carefully in the beginning you’ll save you a lot of time & energy that would have otherwise gone to unnecessary revision and editing. If your teacher for some reason hasn’t specified any preferred method of format, then I’d suggest you follow the one you find most compatible. Please refer to our page on reference formatting to read more on this.

3. Actually writing
The most difficult thing is almost always getting those first few characters down on paper (or on the screen). It’s important to remember not to hold back. You want to get the ball moving and you can’t do this unless you actually start writing something down! It doesn’t have to be great as long as it’s O.K. You can always (and should always) go back later on and see if you can’t rephrase it in a better way.

Once you’ve finished writing and you think your done with the essay, try showing it to someone near for instance a friend or a family member. They may notice something that you’ve missed or give some other type of valuable input. Don’t limit yourself to your own thinking, let others review it and make note of their feedback.

4. Final notes
Writing an essay can be difficult and very time consuming. Never, and I truly mean never, start late unless you really really have to. If you procrastinate and try to avoid writing it you’ll loose out big time. Procrastination is only going to lead to more work in the future, do you really want a pile of work laying on your desk knowing that you won’t find any sort of rest until you’ve completed it? It’s not worth it, simply say no to procrastination!

Try to begin writing the essay immediately. This way, you’ll feel you’re a head and the quality of the work will be much higher than if you’d start a few weeks into it. By writing a little everyday you won’t perceive it as being burdensome. In short, writing an essay doesn’t have to be difficult so don’t make it so.

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