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Ideas For An Essay - Study Habits

How do you write a good essay? In this guide we’ll present a brief overview of how to harness ideas for essay writing. In order to win, you need to convince the reader that you’re the candidate that they are looking for. However, as you already know, a lot of other people are doing the exact same thing so in order to succeed in this matter you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the group. More on this later on.

For now, we need to begin by first and foremost assessing the situation. Recall what’s at stake and how much this essay means to you, this will make sure you won’t do a half-decent job of writing the thing. Now you are ready to start brain storming some ideas.

Finding ‘The Perfect’ Idea for an Essay

Brain storming can be difficult and unless you already know what to write about this step can become somewhat cumbersome. Albeit, it is of huge importance, perhaps the most important step in all of different steps mentioned in this guide. Why? Because without a strong, lucid central idea that keeps together all the strings the reader won’t be able to follow your reasoning. How do you go about finding this idea? Good question, here are a few pointers you make contemplate to find your answer:

a) Important aspects of your life

Think about some of the most important elements in your life and how they affect you and what they mean to you.

b) Had any epiphany lately?
Have you ever had an epiphany of some it may deserve a mention in your essay. They love to read about this sorts of stuff, the life changing event when you decided to become a “xyz” or when you decided you would master the art of “xyz”. Epiphanies are used a lot in cinema simply because the audience loves it, they eat it up.

c) Past successes
Had any interesting success stories? A good success story can make it or break it. Make sure you don’t come off as boastful or arrogant, if you have an interesting success story you should always mention the full story and give credit where credit is due.

d) Past failures
Sometimes a good failure story can be even more persuasive than a good success story; but only if you learned something from your failure. We all fail from time to time, sometimes the failure can be of epic proportions. Discuss your failures not in a prideful way (why be proud of failing?) but rather in the manner of the old wise grandfather who tells his grandkids about (some) of his mistakes in order to teach them an important lesson.

e) Ambitions
Why are writing this essay to begin with? Talk about your ambitions passionately, if the passion doesn’t show on paper it probably doesn’t exist off paper either! At least this is what the reader will think so make sure it stands out much like a fire during the night.

d) Difficulties
Have you ever faced difficulties in your life worth mentioning? If you have make sure it’s worthy of a mention (i.e perhaps something more inspiring than having a difficulty in opening jars of marmalade) and keep it brief and to the point. Nobody is interesting in hearing about difficulties unless it serves a purpose.

e) The Past, Present and the Future
Think in terms of past/present/future, what interesting things can you think of that happened in the past that you feel you could write about? Perhaps you can think of some events occurring right now or that will happen in the future, don’t limit yourself to anyone of these tenses. A good essay can contain all three elements.

More Information

If you’re still having troubles getting things on paper, try reading our guide on how to overcome writer’s block as well visit our essay page where we have a collection of essay topics for you to consider.

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